From left to right:

Jesse is a vocal boy who loves swimming, Peter Pan, and who can make just about any object into some sort of gun.  He’s aware that he’s not allowed to shoot people or pets, but sometimes forgets.

Beth is an artist and homemaker who is just as happy up to her elbows in clay as she is up to her elbows in the garden or up to her elbows in bread dough.  She’s the bedrock of our family life.

Jonathan (Jono) is a balding gentleman who likes reading, eating and being right.  Sadly only the first two are much use in our household.

Rebekah (Beebs) is an extremely sweet girl who loves shoes and sandals – her own or anyone else’s.  She also loves to watch the Disney animated ‘doggy movie with spots movie’.  She loves to do things herself – whether or not she’s actually capable of them.

Rosie (not shown) was a middle aged dog, who still felt like a puppy.  Her breed is banned in Ontario, but she was loving life here in Southern PA.  She was taken from us too soon – and we miss her terribly.


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