About a year ago I posted about Jesse and I and our respective lessons from Jesse’s martial arts classes.  And boy has a lot changed!

Jesse still struggles with focus on and off during the classes.  In the intervening time we’ve had him diagnosed with ADD, and have started trying to find solutions for some of his focusing issues.  At the same time though when I read about the things he was struggling with a year ago and I think about the additional parts that went unwritten – the progress is incredible.


Jesse’s progress isn’t the only one on this front though – in May I joined the school and started taking martial arts too, and Beebs joined up at the beginning of August.  By the end of August Beth was also taking lessons – making it a full family affair!


We all have our individual struggles – but we’ve also all seen incredible progress, and enjoy our time at the gym quite a bit.  It’s taken some adjustments to our personal lives to be able to fit in the kids and adult lessons, and a lot of tolerance on the part of the kids while Beth and I are in class – but overall we’re loving the experience.


About 2 weeks ago we had a grading, and Jesse celebrated a milestone.  After more than a year of working not just on his martial arts, but on his focus in class, after hours of mat time and months of training he was promoted to orange belt!


We’re all extremely excited for Jesse.  He still has a lot of work to do in order to continue to grow into his belt, but he has shown that he’s able to stick with something, even when it’s not always his favorite thing to do – and he shows steady improvement.  I’d take the Jesse in this picture over the Jesse in the last blog post any day 😉

Jesse wasn’t the only one who got recognized though.  The rest of our family each got a stripe at the grading (Beth got 2!).


Beebs is very happy to be in the class and working alongside her brother.  She’s showing some incredible progress too – it won’t be long before he has his hands full with her 😉


I’m enjoying it a lot too – finally realizing a dream I’ve had, and doing it with my whole family – it’s quite a thrill!  I end up exhausted many evenings, and have had to put a lot of projects on the back burner, but at the same time there are huge upsides too.


This is an event we’re truly doing as a family.  We’re the only family in the school where every member is taking classes and working on martial arts.  It’s good exercise, a lot of fun – and also very useful.  The world is becoming more and more of a dangerous place, and investing in skills that allow our family to protect ourselves is a worthwhile endeavor.  I take comfort in knowing that if push comes to shove our whole family is learning how to handle ourselves.

And the fact that it’s a huge amount of fun too really helps!

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One Response to Progress

  1. Corrie says:

    Great post! How awesome that Jesse (and your whole fam) is doing so great!

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