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Waving at the train

Not much time to post today, but here’s a picture from last Wednesday.  I took the day off work, and we went to Strasburg and road the train there.  It was a cool 45 minute ride, with a 1 hr … Continue reading

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Captured Keets

Beth went out yesterday and nabbed 8 keets.  She figures there are about 8 remaining (while being rushed once or twice by the mother), which means we may have lost around 4 overnight.  We’ll keep these 8 and raise them … Continue reading

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Keet surprise

I think one of the posts I didn’t make this summer was about the few animals that have come up missing.  A few days after I took the trip to Nana and Papa’s house we lost 2 chickens, and our … Continue reading

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The state of running

I think if I had to look back on this year and pick out a hobby it would be ‘running’ – despite the fact that I have spent less time on it than a lot of other things I do. Homesteaddad … Continue reading

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Summer is almost over

So I guess it’s been about 6 or 7 weeks since my last post, and a lot has changed, yet every time I thought of launching the blog and writing about it I just couldn’t motivate myself.  In a lot … Continue reading

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