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A trip back home

Saturday the kids and I piled into the car, and began our yearly summer trip back to the city where I grew up.  On the way we stopped for a picnic lunch, and a dinner at Uncle Big and Aunt … Continue reading

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Baby bunnies

The bunnies are up and hopping about now – we have 4 alive, and none died.  I got a picture last week when they were still kind of huddled a bit, and their eyes were closed – but that’s not … Continue reading

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Family visits

We had Beth’s brother Matt, his wife Jess and their children Faith and Justice visit us last week.  For four days we got to spend time talking, playing, and otherwise interacting with family that we only get to see a … Continue reading

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Sometimes I get it right

When Beebs was just a baby – maybe 3 or 4 months old Dad came home from the trailer with a small fleece skin for her.  It was something he had bought and thought she may like, and so we … Continue reading

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