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Weekend report

We just finished up a pretty full weekend.  I can’t say much got done productivity-wise – but I think we enjoyed it just as much if not more for that lack. Friday night Beth’s parents came for a short visit.  … Continue reading

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Rapid fire small thoughts

Ok, so I don’t have the time or brainspace today to really make a big good post.  I figured I’d do a few rapid-fire things that aren’t really large enough for their own post, but are elements of our lives … Continue reading

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No post(s)

Sorry – the past two days have been crazy, and the time that I was supposed to be posting today ended up being time that I was eating while on the phone with some support people for other concerns. I’ve … Continue reading

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Rabbit feedback

A couple weeks back when I was on hiatus Kerry from IBlameMyTools left me this incredibly insightful comment.  I’ve been meaning to post on it for a bit, but have been trying to catch up.  With our doe pulling fur … Continue reading

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Jesse’s skill

Last year I tried to talk to Jesse about taking off his training wheels.  He seemed pretty interested, but once I actually did it he changed his tune quickly.  It wasn’t more than a couple minutes before he was asking … Continue reading

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The fishing rodeo

This past Saturday my company held a kids fishing rodeo.  A stream was stocked with more than 1200 fish, and almost 600 children showed up to try their hand.  The banks were extremely crowded, but we arrived early enough (about … Continue reading

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We captured a swarm (and made mistakes)

I mentioned a few months ago that we weren’t going to purchase any bee nucs this year.  We had lost all four of our colonies last year, and just couldn’t justify the additional hundred dollars per colony to replace them. … Continue reading

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