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I probably won’t get a chance to post this week, and likely part of the next.  There is a lot going on (and I’ll have a lot to post about afterwards), but I’m providing training at work for the next … Continue reading

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Reasons for getting ‘back to the land’?

There are almost as many reasons for people to start following a ‘back to the land’ mentality as there are people, but there are generally a few distinct themes.  Some people want to control what they consume, others want to … Continue reading

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More Jasmine pictures

Because there’s no such thing as too many of these…

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Beginning archery

When we were young, probably 13 and 12 years old Mom and Dad enrolled Kathleen and I in an archery class.  It was in the evenings, at a school during traditional night school classes, and I think just once a … Continue reading

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5k run (and general fitness) report

  I ran my 5k on Saturday.  My time is variously 29:35 if you believe my phone’s GPS, or 30:15 if you believe the route finish line and clock. I’ve done some research today on the specific phone app I … Continue reading

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Our second doe

We picked up another animal on Wednesday too – but it was kind of lost in the excitement about the new puppy.  During the day though Beth and Jesse and Beebs had visited a family close by, and picked up … Continue reading

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Meet Jasmine

After a pretty un-eventful beginning of the week – yesterday turned out to be extremely eventful.  To the point that it’s going to take a couple seperate posts to catch up. Just quickly to revisit yesterday’s post about Lester, we … Continue reading

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