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Parenting and second guessing

Tomorrow our church is holding an Easter fair, which will be capped off by an Easter egg hunt.  Last year both Beth and I took part in helping out with this, while the kids enjoyed the activities.  Mike is coming … Continue reading

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Happy birthday to me

I usually grow out my beard for the winter, often starting around Halloween.  This gives me some facial cover by hunting season, and keeps me a bit warmer in the colder months.  Generally I let my hair go a bit then … Continue reading

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The yard sale maul

I’m still learning this chainsawing thing.   Although I’ve now got an excellent large saw, and a good (and fixed) secondary saw, I’m still finding I get myself in situations where I pinch or otherwise incapacitate my blade, and need … Continue reading

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A failed kindling

We’re no strangers to failure here at our house.  A quick search through the archives shows a post-op about the failed turkey experiment, a sick hen we couldn’t save, a total of 5 lost bee colonies, and a number of … Continue reading

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A visit, and an absence

I’d like to start this off with a quick apology.  I haven’t posted in a week, which is a pretty long time without any news. We actually had two events last week.  First my parents came down for a visit, … Continue reading

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A blank screen

I’ve sat here for a number minutes, staring at the blank ‘add new post’ screen, trying to determine what to write about. I don’t have anything big that we’ve done to report on, and I feel too busy and/or stressed … Continue reading

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Yard work

We’ve had a few warm days recently, which have allowed us to get some outdoor chores done (other than all the wood cutting I’ve been doing). We’ve decided where our wood pile is going to end up.  It will be … Continue reading

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