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Jesse’s tool box

Yesterday the kids and I took a special trip to the hardware store.  With some leftover birthday money, we went to pick out a tool box and some tools for Jesse.  We wandered the isles for a while looking at … Continue reading

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Another orchard milestone

Our progression towards starting the orchard continues, and last night we hit another milestone. So far our progress has been excellent.  We’ve taken out all but one of the trees in the proposed orchard area.  We’ve moved the resulting logs … Continue reading

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Liebster Award?

The Homestead Dad (at nominated me for this award last week.  I had to decline it, as I just can’t follow-through with all the stipulations though.  One of the things you need to do is nominate another batch of … Continue reading

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Review: Rabbits for food and profit

I just finished reading Rabbits for food and profit, which was Edited by Lee Schwanz.  This was one of the two books Beth and I got out from the library during our visit a week back. It’s actually a pretty … Continue reading

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The coldframe

Beth loves collecting things that may be of use.  We’ve gone through phases of a number of things, but right now what we seem to be getting mostly is bricks and old windows.  Well a couple weeks ago we had … Continue reading

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Weekend report

This weekend was pretty full – and productive.  We started off by moving the new rabbit hutch in on Friday night.  Gary was able to swing by the auction and get the hutch loaded up, as well as some scrap … Continue reading

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Guess what moved into the garage?

And pulled it’s weight yesterday: 7 trees cut up and put away yesterday.  Huge thanks to Dad K and to Beth for their part in the whole process.  

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