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Solar domestic is now fully realized

A month or so ago I got a call from our solar domestic hot water installer.  The solar market in PA has been doing poorly, and he was going to be going out of business soon.  It was a huge … Continue reading

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Deer on a spit

Well – not the whole deer, just a leg.  Still – it was something neither Beth nor I had any experience with – and it turned out great! Last Friday when Adam was showing Beth how to properly butcher the … Continue reading

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Deer updates

We got 18 lbs of meat, which is much better than I thought we’d do.  We also had friends show us how to skin and some come up and show us how to butcher.  It was very cool. We’re going … Continue reading

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I used Grampa’s knife tonight

Hi Dad, Just wanted to let you know – every single time I’ve gone hunting over the last four years I’ve brought Grampa’s knife with me, on the off chance I manage to get a deer.  As you know though, … Continue reading

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We had a pretty decent long weekend, with only a few setbacks.  I broke out in some sort of a rash on Saturday, that still hasn’t completely faded, so that kind of impacted Saturday and Sunday, but it had become … Continue reading

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