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Bullet list updates

I’m kind of overwhelmed both with things to do, reporting things done, and a few stresses.  As such I’m not going to put in any pics today, and will just put in some bullet point updates on what has been happening. … Continue reading

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Pullet eggs

Some of our pullets have started laying.  Just a couple, however and just one a day so far.  We got one yesterday though and I took a picture.  So far the pullet eggs have been lighter than those of our … Continue reading

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Overmated hens

Last night when I did my walk around the coop I saw one of our older red sex-link hens was starting to get bare around the shoulder. Between this and the area right behind her comb, it’s obvious that she … Continue reading

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Homestead update: The bees

We did a set of hive inspections last week, and the results were both better and worse than we had hoped. First the good news – the hive that overwintered from last year seems to be doing well, despite the … Continue reading

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Homestead update: The guineas

We lost another guinea on Wednesday, which brings us down to 8.  I’m not sure what killed this one either, although I suspect it was either the heat or starvation.  I’m leaning towards starvation.  The guineas have a terrible tendency to fill … Continue reading

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Homestead update: Chickens

Our chickens are really maturing and the flock dynamics are changing.  There are both good and bad elements of this.  The cockerels are fully mature now, and are certainly acting like it.  There is a huge struggle while each tries … Continue reading

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Pullets vs chicks

I was out in the barn the other day, and took a couple pictures to illustrate a point to a friend.  He had received his chickens from the same hatchery we used for our first two flocks.  He hadn’t had … Continue reading

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