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The saga of the rainbarrel

Last year around this time we bought 3 rain barrels from a semi-local group that was started and run by highschoolers.  Their goal was (I believe) to harvest rainwater off roofs, so that not as much would run off streets … Continue reading

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Today I want to talk about my son.  I know most of you haven’t been around for the full ride of this blog – but in the beginning Beth used to tell me that it was very much ‘Beebs-centric’.  I … Continue reading

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Hey – It’s hay!

The other night the farmer who’s haying our back field came by and made his bales.  We had initially agreed to split it with him (he offered 50/50, but we really didn’t need nearly that much), but his square baler … Continue reading

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An empty house

Friday night Beth packed up the kids, and headed up north to visit her family.  I’m staying behind because we need someone to tend the animals.  I think as time progresses most of our family visits are going to fall … Continue reading

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Positives and negatives

Wednesday night was a great night.  We cut back some scrub brush close to the road that was surrounding a tree.  We’re going to re-locate a number of wild black raspberry shoots to the area, and try to encourage the … Continue reading

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What have we been up to?

Well… in the last week we’ve done a lot, and written a little. Fixed the lawnmower – you read correctly, that saga is finally at a close.  Through many false starts, much learning, some borrowed tools and some help from friends … Continue reading

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A train ride

One of the things we did last Sunday was to go out to a park up in the mountains a bit.  Beth had visited before with the kids, but this time she was able to take her parents, brother and … Continue reading

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