Chicks have arrived

Sunday morning we received a call – our chicks had shipped from the hatchery, and would be ready to be picked up at the post office within the next couple days.  At lunch we went to eat at the house of some friends of ours, and had a great time – on my way there I noticed that a voicemail had been left at our home phone – but didn’t check it since we had just arrived.

We arrived home at 3 in the afternoon, and checked our messages.  The chicks had arrived at the post office – and were ready to be picked up any time until 2 pm.  We had missed them!  Who knew the post office would let you pick up mail on Sunday?  I had no idea… and who would have guessed that the hatchery would ship chicks on Saturday?

Well – Monday morning at 6 am we got another call, they had just opened the receiving dock and were ready for us to pick them up that time.  We went by, and the chicks were there, intact, and ready to be picked up.  60 barred rocks, 5 auracanas and 1 unknown fancy breed (they ship one free with every order).  Beth got the brooder set up while the kids all watched, and introduced them to the water and the food one at a time.

I got to see them again last night, the chicks were all perky and ready to go – except one.  The fancy one never really seemed to have much pep, and died last night.  It wasn’t unexpected – but it was still sad.

So now one of our bathrooms is full of 65 birds making a racket, the upstairs has at least one large snake, and we have a cat who’s going to give birth any day now.

Sounds like a great plot for a novel…

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