Found in the attic

When we moved in our attic was bare.  We’ve had a bit of work done upstairs though, and both the radon installer and the home energy audit inspector noticed this.

It’s a snake skin – about 4 feet long.  A little looking around showed us a number of other ones in a kind of depression or ‘nest’ in the insulation upstairs.

Black snakes shed their skins about 20 times a year, and subsist on mice.  However this one got up here it seems that rodents use the same path, and he (or she) is making pretty short work of them.

I have to admit to being creeped out, but Beth says she’d prefer the snake living above us to the mice – since snakes are silent.  The kids really want to bring the snake skins, and any snakes they can find downstairs to play with.

I think for now I’m going to go with Beth’s approach.  The snake doesn’t really have the ability to get down to the house from the attic except through the stairwell we use to get up there, and as long as it’s closed (it’s normal state) it’s not going to get anywhere.  As warmer weather hits it’s likely the roof will be too warm of a place for it to stay anyways.

I _would_ like to find the entrance both the snake and the rodents use though, and get that sealed up… I’d rather not repeat this discovery next winter.

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