Beth and the baby goat

One of the cool things about our new place is that we have friends who live just down the road who also have two girls who are pretty close to our kids in age.  Not only that – Ginny and Dick have rabbits, goats, chickens and a horse, and have put in their own fencing for them, it’s really inspirational.

They don’t eat their goats, rabbits or chickens or milk the goats – however they do collect the chickens’ eggs, and really give a good example of smaller-scale livestock keeping – much as we want to do.

This past weekend we took Beth’s Mom and Dad, our niece Faith and the kids for a walk over to their house.  We got to take a look at the fencing, some of the kids got to pet the horse… but the biggest thing was that Beth got to pick up one of the baby goats, and take it over for the kids to pet.

Who needs a petting zoo when you have good friends who live close?

Someday we’ll end up with baby goats of our own 😉

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